Machine Learning

The first step any organization in the area of Big Data is to gain an understanding of the data they possess. The next is an insight into the possibilities of what that data can reveal.

The sheer volume and complexity of the data now being collected drives the analysis and interpretation beyond human capability. This is why Enigma Pattern has highlighted and invested in Machine Learning capabilities.

Fraud detection

searching not only for frauds, but also other undesired user behavior. Implementation of a special background watchdog constantly analyzing every user action, and spotting suspicious behavior. Such an approach allows actions to be taken ranging from simply informing the IT team of an incident, to immediately stopping the app. The watchdog uses an AI trained model built on a sample number of people with the undesired activity, thereby learning to detect similar situations.

Users’ behavior modeling

this technique allows questions to be asked regarding actual and possible users’ behavior:

  • The best way of making the app adoption easier.
  • The most effective way to target specific customer groups such as families, elderly people, singles etc.
  • Best functionality to attract people living in selected geographic areas.
  • Predicting issues with payments.
  • Predicting the likelihood of claims of a refund.

Entities modeling

analysis of differences between versatile market entities and model actions (sales, frauds, issues, etc.) This approach leads to finding out:

  • If some entities (like shops, banks etc) are more prone to fraud than others.
  • Which situations lead to issues.
  • How to reduce unwelcome situations.

Anomalies detection

this technique detects anything that stands out from normal application use. It can find users who are trying to hack/break the application, or people who want to commit a fraud using a method that is not yet known to the customer.


automatic selection of coherent groups of clients and identification of common areas. Segmentation helps to determine conditions that would persuade a user to change a group eg. from regular to Heavy User.


BIG Data

Enigma Pattern is dedicated to helping organizations get the most value from their data.

We achieve this by supplementing the regular analytics processes by applying modern Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques and methodologies.

We apply our in-house developed tools, platforms and techniques together with additional relevant data-sets to help our customers extract the hidden patterns in their data.


  • Guidance and support for customers in development of their Big Data Strategy. We generally recommend a workshop approach to this.
  • Review and evaluation of customers existing Big Data road map. Since BIg Data tools and techniques are evolving rapidly it is important to keep up-to-date with technological and methodological advances.
  • Consultation of technological approach. This includes architectural consulting, and capacity and performance planning.

Development and Implementation

  • Initial exploratory work to determine what is achievable. Examination of the data available and the capacity of the organisation to perform the work and make use of the outcomes.
  • Provide outline scope of the areas to be addressed Rapid implementation of one or two of the opportunities identified (limited in scope but working across the whole organisation).
  • Definition of what the overall Big Data programme will look like driven by the customers priorities.
  • Main implementation and systems roll-out. Including; Integration of data and document indexing, Improvement of data quality and metadata management, Visualizations of reports and presentation of analytics results including machine learning, statistical programming and text mining.


  • Data governance from a commercial and regulatory point-of-view; initial policy definition, ongoing maintenance and update.
  • Identity and access management to protect the high value company asset comprising both the raw and the processed data.

Support and Maintenance

  • 24 x 7 support and preventive maintenance including those items outside the scope of traditional IT departments
  • Configuration, security and policy management.
  • Backup, recovery, archival support and data administration.

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