Why Enigma Pattern

We are a services company focused entirely on applying Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning – one of today’s most exciting technological areas - in real case scenarios.

We all have an engineering/development background so appreciate what creates a great working environment. For us it means:

  • A noticeable impact made by every person on the company and projects she/he works on.
  • Things we do really mean something for the customers and end-users. For example, many of our projects address important health, security and safety challenges.
  • Each project is very different from previous ones, this provides a new valuable experience and a lot of fun. Most of them are something that no one has ever done before.
  • We have a wide variety of customers, industries, domains, and technologies.
  • People are friendly, open, respectful, and supportive - there is no such thing as a “stupid question”. We help each other grow, we trust our judgments.
  • Every person in the company is really passionate about Artificial Intelligence.

Enigma Pattern is an independent, self-funded, organization. Owned and run by the same people.
We provide private healthcare, flexible working hours and many opportunities to have some after-hours entertainment.

We are always searching for talented individuals to join our team. So, if you are interested, contact us at:

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