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Who we are

Enigma Pattern is an independent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence company.  We help our clients by applying the latest Data Science and AI  tools and techniques to their systems and products. This leads to highly customized solutions for our customers. 

Based on our own extensive research program our experienced team make sure that the best available approach is applied in any situation.  We have deep expertise in the field of image processing including Deep Learning for Computer Vision and leading edge commercial implementation of Synthetic Imaging.   Our work also covers the fields of Financial Trading, Audio Analysis and Predictive Maintenance.

As a group of engineers and engineering managers we are experts in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We help to innovate by applying Machine and Deep Learning techniques. If you believe your product or solution can be improved by AI, but to do so seems to be too complex or risky, our well-experienced team will help you to overcome challenges and will guide you into the World of “new electricity”.

Our Polish development center is our key strategy for scaling up and an efficient way to develop cutting edge IP using the best available engineers and mathematicians. We follow in a long tradition of Polish mathematical and computer expertise including the work on the Enigma coding machine.

about us
Who we are



Trust is fundamental in the development of relationships in business and the wider world. We won’t compromise our ethics when tough business decisions are needed. We believe in the power of truth to sustain our long term future.


As work is a significant part of all of our lifetimes there is no point in not enjoying it in the best way we can. This is why we focus on having fun engaging with our favorite technologies, employing people we like, who fit to our culture, and by adapting the workspace to ensure minimum stress and high efficiency.


We love doing what we are good at, but we also acknowledge our limits. We believe that an intense focus on our customers, key technologies and challenges will deliver the best possible outcome.


We are proud about who we are. We respect our customers, our employees and all the people who are part of our ecosystem. We believe in equal rights and measure everybody only by their skills, capability and passion.


Our ambition is to help our customers better understand their available data and use it in the best way to make the highest quality decisions for their business. We do this by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence across the entirety of the business issue being addressed. Taking this innovative approach enables faster project completion and the highest possible accuracy of outcomes.

We aim to be the best independent team in the industry specializing on big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. To achieve this, we adopt a tightly focussed approach concentrating solely on what we do best so as to deliver the best value.

In the emerging industry of AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning ecosystems we want to be leading player with our engineers contributing to the development of new trends and technologies.

about us


Our management team has a strong background in building teams, managing projects, and delivering high quality consultancy services.

Management Mike Gibbons

Mike Gibbons

Chairman of the board

Originally trained as an engineer, Mike has successfully founded, developed and managed global technology companies. As an owner or CEO his experience and leadership helped companies to grow and succeed into industry leading organizations.

Mike is an avid cyclist and a marathon runner.

Management Rafal Janczyk

Rafal Janczyk


Rafal spent last 15 years of his career leading successful, growing IT companies in various S and C level positions gaining the experience necessary to realize a dream of building his own technology business focused on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Rafal is a passionate skier and triathlete.

Management Lukasz Kuncewicz

Lukasz Kuncewicz

Head of Data Science

Taught to code at the age of 7, Lukasz spent the last 30 years improving his algorithmics skills in the fields of data manipulation and business analysis. Lately, after deep learning has transformed both, he uses artificial intelligence for commercial purposes. He wrote and published a dozen books about NLP and mathematics.

Daniel Rurarz

Daniel Rurarz

Head of Delivery

Daniel started his career as a Software Engineer and quickly took responsibility for projects and deliveries. His experience comes from a wide range of products - from SmartCard firmware to High-Performance Computing as a Service.
In Enigma Pattern he makes sure that customers get the highest possible value in a predictable way - which can be challenging in a Data Science environment. He is a strong believer and active practitioner of Agile / Lean methodologies - especially Scrum and Kanban.

His biggest passions are fast, rare and/or peculiar cars.

Sandra Hodzic

Sandra Hodzic

Head of Sales

Sandra started her adventure with sales in kindergarten, helping in the family business. Sandra has always brought positive energy and a customer-oriented attitude to her work. 10 years of experience in the tech industry helps her to understand the complex world of Artificial Intelligence.

In her personal life, a mother, wife and fashion lover.

Enigma Pattern Poland and Klickdigital UK have joined forces to form a new full range Software Services Company which combines unique skills in AI, Cloud, and IoT. The benefit for current and future customers comes from the synergies between key offerings of both companies and the increased scale at which we will be able to operate.

The newly created organization plans to grow a team of 500 specialists to address the IT challenges of the changing world. The primary focus of the new company will be on industries where both companies have had the most success in the past. These are Telecommunications, Defence, Semiconductor, and Medical.

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